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FishingStone is a cool fishing website. If you ask most people about why they enjoy fishing, I wouldn’t be amazed if You received tons of different answers. The truth is, there are countless of reasons why we, the fishing community, love this sport. Obviously, for me, it’s about the fun and the zeal to catch big fish every fishing day. Or as many days as I can get out on the water.

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Information About FishingStone

FishingStone (My) passion for fishing started when I was around 16 and ever since then, I have been hooked to fishing. Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation as someone who’s gonzo crazy about fishing. Maybe it’s about the interesting weather or the time I spend so much of my free time fishing; however, fishing is to me is serene, its a battle and its peaceful with patience all rolled into one day on the water.

I have accumulated a vast experience in Bass fishing, carp fishing, trout fishing and Steelhead fishing that I would like to share with you. Not too long ago I chose to pursue what I love, and somehow I’ve ended up creating this website FishingStone.

To me, fishing is a universal thing ” – FishingStone

To me, fishing is a universal thing. It’s not restricted to any one type of person. It is not limited to a particular race, gender or financial status. It’s available to everyone, and everyone gets something out of it.

Our nature as human loves to battle, we desire to have peace and most of all gain pleasure in life. We need to see different things and nothing offers variety better than fishing.

From the different lakes, streams, freshwater and saltwater fish, the people you meet of all ethnicity, you get perfect variety. There is a sense of serenity when the sun hits your body and warms your core when you hear the stream trickling down the mountain as you maneuver your line around the banks. Thank you for stopping by our  FishingStone WebsiteEnjoy your Fishing!

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