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Bass Fishing if you don't know the term "Bass" refers different species of game fish which include both marine and freshwater species.

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The species include Kentucky bass, Largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass and Spotted bass. This fish species originated from the southern part of United States and acted as a source of livelihood for people residing in the coastline.

Bass fishing is a sport that involves angling specifically for black bass. It is considered one of the most sought recreational activities in the ocean. It is also one of the most popular sports in America. Bass fishing techniques involve understanding the psychology of the bass to locate their habitat, know what will trigger a strike and help you in catching a lunker bass.

There are numerous techniques for catching bass. However, this depends on the size of the bass you intend to fish. The development of techniques to fish for bass has paved the way for innovations in the tools used in fishing.

Many factors influence the location of bass, and they include water conditions, water levels, weather, light and the availability of food. Oxygen, food.

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