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Good BASS Fishing Lure To Catch Bass


Bass Fishing Lure are the thing to have in order to have success in catching some serious bass.  On this Bass Fishing Lure article, we discuss the Best 5 Bass Fishing Lures to use today.



Good Bass Fishing Lure To Catch Fish

Bass Fishing Lure according to Wikipedia is “A fishing lure is a type of artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract a fish’s attention. The lure uses movement, vibration, flash, and color to bait fish” – Wikipedia. Here we discuss the Good Fishing Lure to Use to catch Bass.

Out there, fishing, you need to be equipped with everything. All of the stuff that is going to make sure that your fishing day is not just another day on the waters. What can be better than catching that giant bass with a fishing lure that is attached to your line?

Some Questions that people ask about bass fishing lure are: What lures catch what fish? What is the best fishing lure? What lures to use for what fish? Well I wish I could tell you exactly what fishing lure to use, but I can’t, not because I don’t want to.  But because that will all depend on a few factors.

For example, the weather, the water temperature, the type of fish you are going after, the time and the location. All of this things will determine what fishing lures you will be using. So all I can say is trial and error.  Which is great because you will be fishing more.

But tactics! Tactics really put a difference to the overall catch of your day. That is exactly what we are going to discover by giving you a rundown on the top 10 Bass Fishing Lure. In order to catch the big fish, the Bass Fishing Lure that you use will determine if you will catch the biggest bass or not. Check out our article on the 2 Things You Need To Know To Catch Bass.

Good Bass Fishing Lures
Good Bass Fishing Lure

Rat L Trap Bass Fishing Lure

We’re going to start our list with the Rat L Trap Fishing Lures. One of those lures out there that are going to make sure that even if the bass is not interesting, it will definitely be aware of your lures.

Thanks to the side-by-side rattling movement this fishing lures is going to make sure bass is going to have some serious tough time staying away from this fella.

The Rat Trap has been upgraded over the years with much more rattling so the sound is double and the attention is 4 times more than before.

How to Use the Rat L Trap Bass Fishing Lure?

How to Use the Rat L Trap Bass Fishing Lure Video
To use this lure to the best of its ability, we recommend using a 6.1 ratio reel with a medium heavy rod with 10 to 20-pound fishing line. Using a slower reel will definitely kill your arm in the process.

Using this fishing lure could be considered an art.  If you are fishing in the grass let it settle and drop in place after you cast.  Be ready for the strike as this is when it usually happens.  It may feel like you got stuck in the grass, but don’t let it fool you.  You got a fish!

Another way to use this bass fishing lure is to cast out and with small choppy motions retrieve it and let it fall.  Color and size of the lures will make a difference sometimes a 3/4 ounce will work and other times a 1/4 ounce lure will work great.

Spinnerbait Bass Fishing Lure

Another one of the bass fishing lure that is going to make sure that the bass is onto the target is the spinnerbait.

One of the most classic and most overall used option for the fishing enthusiasts around the world. Spinner is going to make sure that the hook gets deeper in the fish mouth.

Throwing a spinner along the shoreline is almost a guaranteed way to catch bass. So seriously, if you want to get an alternative that will make sure, all of the basses come towards you? Get this one.

How to Use the Spinnerbait Bass Fishing Lure?

How to Use the Spinnerbait Bass Fishing Lure
A spinnerbait is a fun fishing lure to use because when the bass strikes it  YOU WILL KNOW IT!  Most people that use it lose the desire to keep using it if they do not catch a big fish right away.

A fishing lure that you do not use and become familiar with it, is just a wasted tool.  Practice and try different techniques with the lure.  Trust me it will be worth it.

Spinnerbaits have many uses.  You can use it as a shallow water bait, or a deep water fish finder, you can cast it and use it with a worm and reel it fast and then it will act like a rattle trap.  This is a very versatile fishing lure.  You can catch a good bunch of fish just with the lure day after day.

Jerkbait Bass Fishing Lure

Now let’s talk about the king! A sleek, deadly, hard to spot and always up for a job king. One of the fine things about these bass fishing lures is that bass are going to love them, Yes!

But you can use them for any other predatory fish. The bait is going to work most of the times and that is mostly because they have good shad colors that really attract the fish in the water.

We must also include here that they are an awesome looking fishing lure for you to use!

How to Use the Jerkbait Bass Fishing Lure?

How to Use the Jerk bait Bass Fishing Lure Video
Jerk baits bass fishing lure are another versatile lure that is made lipped and lipless the ways to use these fishing lures are many.  Don’t forget that even though they are both jerk baits they are both used differently.

By taking advantage of this lures ability to float you can retrieve it and allow it to slowly float then crank it again.  The trick is to allow the lure to just float for a couple of seconds and let the bass catch up to the lure.  Don’t wait too long or you will miss the strike.

Do not put too much weight on your jerk bait.  The lure is designed to be used on open water.  So heavy tackle will make for a stiff leader that can spoil the way the lures work and it can cost you the fish.

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Yearling Baitball Rattlebait Bass Fishing Lure

Lots and lots of rattling going on here just to get the bass? Remember! To get the fish you first, need to understand and find out what the fish really likes.

Nothing’s going to keep the bass off their feet, that is if they had any, it’s a metaphor! But coming back to the topic in the summers the bass just loves the rattle bait and this is something they’re going to come to as soon as you put them shaking in the water.

In all of the baits, you’re going to use these bass lures are going to serve the purpose perfectly.

How to Use the Yearling Baitball Bass Fishing Lure

Yearling Rattlebait Bass Fishing Lure Video
On this video, this guy caught 3 basses on 3 casts. Not bad for a single lure. The Yearling Baitball Rattlebait Fishing Lure has the benefit of a very loud rattle combine with the look of bait fish fleeing away from the bass.

With unique running attitudes, different profiles and drop action it can entice any fish to bite.  This fishing lure will provide any anglers with many options depending on the water conditions.  Bass find this little rattles hard to avoid and ignore.

Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancer

This bass fishing lures simply mean business and they make this clear to you right away. Rapala Scatter is going to make sure that it makes enough vibrations in the water as possible.

The overall build of the bait is made in such a way that it’s going to try its best alongside you to make sure that the bass actually takes it and comes out of the water and into your hands.

The scatter rap has a unique action, one of the many reasons why it is called the tail dancer and puts out vibrations in the water to attract them all.

How to Use the Rapala Scatter Tail Dancer Bass Fishing Lure

How to Use the Rapala Scatter Tail Dancer Bass Fishing Lure Video

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