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Carp Fish Most Common Questions Answered

Carp Fish Most Common Questions Answered

Carp Fish Most Common Questions Answered – Like most of the species that inhabit this wonderful ecosystem called Planet Earth, fish exist in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

This precious diversity even varies according to its habitat: freshwater or salty. Today in this article we will answer the most common question about this freshwater fish: The Carp fish.

In this article, we will discuss

  • What is a Carp Fish?
  • What Kind of Fish is Carp?
  • How many Varieties of Carp Fish are There?
  • What Do Carp Feed On?
  • Do Carp Fish Taste Good?
  • Why are Carp Fish Considered Bad?

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What is a Carp Fish?

What is a Carp Fish

What is a Carp Fish? Its scientific name is Cyprinus Carpio, is also known as European carp or common carp, this species originally comes from Asia.

Found in the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, but it migrated to Japan and continued to Europe.

It is widely distributed in almost every part of the world except the Antarctic sea.

There is a variety of carp fish, the famous Koi (Japanese love) from East Asia, is characterized by having very striking colors in their scales.

Mandarin is known as lĭyú and is considered an ornamental species in China.

They originally come from freshwater, but they have the ability to adapt to saltwater at a temperature not exceeding 24 ° C.

This fish can get to measure up to a meter and weigh almost 40 kilograms, however, the average adult carp fish can go between sixty and ninety centimeters, and its weight is around nine kilograms.

As for their reproduction, they do in the first seasons of the year, in countries where there are four seasons, carp fish are reproduced in spring to culminate in summer.

Females choose sites or waters with enough weed to deposit their eggs, and the male fertilizes the eggs from the outside.

An average female can lay about three hundred thousand eggs, but a maximum of nine hundred thousand eggs is estimated during the breeding season.

It is important to mention that the hatching of eggs will depend on the environmental conditions, i.e. if the water is at an optimum temperature of 30 °c they can hatch in just three days.

What Kind of Fish is Carp?

What kind of fish are carp

What kind of fish is carp? Carp fish are a variety of fish with an excellent capacity to adapt to different environmental conditions.

In order to reproduce and settle, their habitat must have the following qualities: they must be calm without much current and shallow.

Being omnivorous species (they eat both plants and animals) in their habitat there must be a lot of zooplankton and some arthropods living around, besides the water must have a temperature that ranges between 17 and 24 °c.

If the conditions are optimal, carp fish can live up to 60 years.

That’s impressive! These particular species of fish prefer shallow waters because they feed on the surface.

They tend to be aggressive especially at an early age, so it is not recommended to raise them in very small ponds or aquariums.

What Kind of Fish is Carp Video

How many Varieties of Carp Fish are There?

As for its variety, there are many distributed throughout the world, but I will mention the three most common or popular: the “American Carp”, is well known because of its ability to develop without taking much care in the hatcheries, it is also the most widespread subspecies in the world due to the above-mentioned quality.

Another variant is the “Ryukin” also called “veil Tail” its name is due to the size of its fins in proportion with its small body.

The third most known subspecies is the “Head of the Lion” because it has appendices or papillae at its cephalic end.

It should be noted that there is a variety of very striking colors, Koi fish (so-called in Japan), very famous in that country, however, its origin derives from China where they are known as lĭyú, and its colorful appearance is the product of captive breeding.

Depending on their upbringing, those wild-life carp tend to be smaller than domestically-bred fish.

What Do Carp Feed On?

What Do Carp Feed On

What do carp fish feed on? Carp fish whose worldwide distribution is very wide, as well as the variety of subspecies it has, and its ability to adapt in any aquatic habitat, is considered to be an invasive fish that feeds on almost any plant, arthropods, and zooplankton.

Like most fish, they feed on algae and other vegetations present on the surface of rivers, lakes or seas, because they have a predilection for low-current waters and a low water depth in order to develop their species without difficulties.

Depending on the type of life they carry (wild, captive, or domestic) carp fish’s diet will be different.

According to marine biologists, the feeding of these fish should be balanced and be based on plant content (approximately 70%).

The remainder must be protein or animal content (30%), which is why they are innate omnivores.

What Do Carp Feed On Video
The carp fish in the wild, take very good advantage of everything offered by their ecosystem for their diet, in their food are included arthropods, zooplankton, and of course vegetables like seaweed.

The feeding of the domestic carp fish (for example the Koi) must be very careful to avoid causing them damage or deteriorating their development, some advice feeding them by means of artificial supplements, to avoid that the food dissolving when in contact with water.

As you can see, these fish are very versatile as to what they eat, however, for the people that breed them it is important to take care of what they use to feed them so as not to harm them.

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Do Carp Taste Good?

Do Carp Taste Good

Do carp fish taste good? For people who love to cook and that like exotic dishes, carp fish must be among their favorite foods.

It is a very popular fish in places like China, even in Europe and some parts of America.

Catching a good size carp is a delight whether is taken from freshwater or saltwater.

Also, depending on how you prepare or order it in a restaurant, it will be a delicacy that your taste buds should try.

If you have doubts about the taste of carp fish, here I bring you some carp fish recipes ideas to try with this very exotic fish.

It is important to remember that the carp fish has a delicious flavor, but before cooking it needs to be washed, and put to soak in water and salt for several hours, approximately three hours.

Check out this video on how to deep fry carp below.

Do Carp Taste Good Video

Simple Carp Fish Recipes

It should be noted that the texture of this fish is unequal and you can try some of these simple carp recipes:

Deep-Fried Carp Fish

Dip chunks of carp into a batter of butter and flour and spices.  You can use good old salt and pepper, but other spices will work as well.  Place the battered fish in a deep pan with cooking oil. Cook the fish until is a crispy, golden brown. If you wish to try a variation you can use egg, salt, milk, and your favorite pancake mix.

Baked Carp Fish

Carp fish can be baked, the whole fish or in chunks, usually with something as simple as lemon and butter.  Cook at 350-degree, a four-pound fish should take about 45 minutes.  To spice things up you can wrap the whole fish or the pieces of carp with bacon.  You can also stuff the fish with bread crumbs, chopped onions, celery, salt and pepper, and maybe a little sage.  If you decide to stuff the fish leave it in the oven for one hour.

Carp Fish Stew

Fry the bacon in a pan until crispy. In a large pot add the pieces of carp fish, onions, tomatoes, salt, sugar, bacon. Then let it simmer for about 45 minutes.

  • Pieces of carp
  • 1 cup tomatoes
  • 1/4 pound bacon (pre-cooked)
  • 1/4 cup onion, chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

There are many ways to cook carp fish, you should try different ones to see which one you like best.

Please let us know of any carp fish recipes that we could add to this page.

Why are Carp So Bad?

Why are Carp So Bad

Why are carp so bad? Because of their varied diet, carp fish have been deemed as a threat to ecosystems where they have adapted. Due to this fact they are called invasive fish.

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Carp fish is listed as one of the 100 most damaging species in the world.

It all begins with the introduction of this fish originating from Asia to the rest of the continents.

Starting with Europe, the only place where this species did not manage to distribute was in Antarctica.

Probably because of its conditions and extreme weather.

Why are Carp So Bad Video
Once scattered all over the world, these fish began to consume all kinds of marine vegetation.

This resulted in the destruction of these ecosystems. Which in turn brought the disappearance of the habitat ideal for the maintenance of other aquatic species.

“Why are carp so bad – They became an invasive fish”

Despite its worldwide bad reputation, many organizations have implemented environmental laws that control the reproduction of carp fish.

Places such as the United States and Spain have been significantly affected by the mass reproduction of this species.

It is interesting to add that they are new species of carp fish in varied ecosystems.

Men should measure and study their behavior to avoid collateral damage on other species native to a particular habitat.

By doing this it can prevent serious damage to the future by invasive species like the carp fish.

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Carp Fish Most Common Questions Answered

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