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Fishing Jet Ski A Helpful Guide to Fishing On a Jet Ski

Fishing From a Jet Ski Fishing Jet Ski - Fishing Stone

Fishing Jet Kit Guide. Here are 6 fishing jet ski related videos and other information that could be helpful to someone that would like to go fishing on a Jetski.

Here are 6 fishing jet ski related videos and other information that could be helpful to someone that would like to go fishing on a Jet Ski.

Well, 5 of the videso are helpful, the jet ski fails are just funny to watch.

Fishing Jet Ski Helpful Information

Fishing From a Jet Ski - Fishing Jet Ski - Fishing Stone

This Fishing Jet Ski Videos will cover

  • 5 Things To Do Before You Jet Ski
  • Setting A Fishing Jet Ski On a Budget
  • Review of The Best Fishing Jet Ski Ever Made
  • Funny Jet Ski Fails
  • Catching Kingfish 3 Techniques Jet Ski Fishing
  • 5 Hacks for Jet Skiers
  • Be Safe While Fishing On a Jet Ski
  • Jet Ski Informative Books

This covers quite a bit of topics. The transcript to some of the videos has been provided to provide more information.

Note: Some of the links in this section point to Amazon products.

5 Things To Do Before You Jet Ski

Before you get on the water to fish from your jet ski, there are some things that you should do.

These things may make your day a much more enjoyable day out in the water.

This video talks about 5 Things To Do Before You Jet Ski

  1. Download The Local Weather App
  2. Fill Up Your Gas Tank
  3. Make Sure The Drain Plug is In Place
  4. Check Your Jet Ski Oil and Water Levels
  5. Get The Right Life Jacket

Read more about them below.

00:00 – Okay guys, welcome to episode 10. Yes. We’re up to episode 10 of our C2 and jet ski series.

So if you haven’t yet already subscribed, hit the subscribe button, but today we’re going to show you five things that you need to do before you put your jet ski in the water.

To make sure you have a safe time and make sure your jet ski comes back in one piece, roll the engine.

Hi, let’s get into it guys. This video is all about things you need to do each and every time you go out on a jet ski.

So it’s not going to include things like how to ride a jet ski. That’s coming up on a future episode or things like going and getting a license If you need a license in the area that you live in.

These are just things that you need to do each and every time you’re about to go out on your jet ski. Let’s go. – 00:57

1. Download The Local Weather App

FISHING Phone APP Fishing Stone00:58 – Number one. The first thing you need to do is download your local app, which shows the tide times the weather because they’re all going to come in handy.

Specifically, like myself we were on the gold coast in Australia there’s a lot of banks.

So if you don’t know when the tide is either high or low, you can run a, you can basically run onto the sandbags and get stuck.

And that is going to ruin your trip instantly. So download the local app on the gold coast. It’s called Seabreeze.

Every local area should have one. So jump on the app store. Find your local weather app and tide charts. That’s number one. – 01:37

2. Fill Up Your Gas Tank

Fill Up Your Gas Tank Fishing Jet Ski Fishing Stone01:38 – Okay, guys Number two, number two, we’re getting closer to the scare.

The second thing you’ll want to do is make sure the petro is full.

Regardless of how far you’re going or when you last went, make sure you’ve got petrol and your tank is full.

There’s nothing worse than running out a Petro in the middle of the ocean.

At least if you run out a picture on the road, which I’ve done a few times, um, at least you can call someone and they can come and get you.

But if you’re in the water, you’ve got to rely on someone else to come that you probably don’t know.

So make sure your Patriot is full. It’s an easy thing to do, but make sure you do it.

Double-check. All you have to do is hold that button-down. Check the petro before you head out. – 02:41

3. Make Sure The Drain Plug is In Place

Make Sure The Drain Plug is In Place

02:42 – The other thing you’re going to want to check is the bond or the drain.

Like you want to make sure that any excess water that has made its way into your ski is drained out.

You also want to make sure that no one’s playing funny buggers and undone your, your, your bond or your, your drain while its parked in the driveway or while it’s on your dock.

So you don’t want to get out in the water and start to sink. That’s probably the worst nightmare for any, any jet ski owner or any boat person.

So check your bond. It will take you literally three seconds, make sure it is tight, and then you’re out on the water. Okay? – 03:15

4. Check Your Fishing Jet Ski Oil and Water Levels

Check Your Fishing Jet Ski Oil and Water Levels Fishing Stone03:16 – Number four got to check your oil and your water each and every time you go out, no matter how far you’re going.

Even if you go for a half an hour blast, you don’t want to get out half an hour to have to take two hours to come back because you’ve run out of coolant.

It’s as simple as that, quickly put the dipstick in, pulls it out and you’re off. – 03:35

Taking care of your fishing Jet Ski by doing these very simple tasks will allow it to last for many years to come.

5. Get The Right Life Jacket

Get The Right Life Jacket

03:36 – And the last one on the list is finding a life jacket that perfectly fits you because it’s not a fashion statement.

This thing could technically, it could keep you alive. So worst-case scenario, you fall off, hit your head and you’re knocked out.

This thing’s gonna keep you afloat. So you want to find one that fits nicely and firm.

You don’t want it to be loose, where you could potentially fall out of it or it’s not going to keep you afloat.

So find one. It doesn’t have to be the sexiest looking thing, but find something that suits your body type and is comfortable for you.

So yeah, life checks it very, very important.

So thanks for watching guys that wrap up episode 10 of our Seedo and jet ski series.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something, don’t forget those five steps or so, because they are all very, very important.

Just as important as hitting that subscribes button so you don’t miss episode 11. Okay. My name’s Mitchell and I’ll see you in the next one. – END

Video from the Youtube Channel The Lanes – Travel & Reviews – Check them out for more cool Jet Ski Videos.

Setting A Fishing Jet Ski On a Budget

Fishing on Jet Ski gear would be helpful to have.

Depending on where you just your jet ski to fish you may or may not need some of these items.

As the video above talks about we will follow up and try to do things as cheaply as possible.

  • Jet Ski Anchors
  • Cooler With Attached Rod Holders
  • Jet Ski Safety Equipment
  • Depth Fish Finder Combo

Jet Ski Anchors

Jet Ski Anchors

If you are going out in the water you are going to need an anchor to keep your boat in place, or from drifting away.

They are good to have and depending on where you are fishing on your Jet Ski will depend on how much weight and rope length you will need.

Fishing Jet Ski on the Sea, Lake or River, will also make a difference on what type of anchor you will need.

An anchor that will hold great on the river rocks, may not hold so well on the sandy bottoms of a lake.

Fishing on the sea will have stronger currents and much deeper depths, so that’s something to consider as well.

Since we are going to find the cheapest possible you can try the Danielson Galv Anchor Folding.

It does not come with a rope but is by far the cheapest that we found.

Cooler With Attached Rod Holders

Cooler With Attached Rod Holders

In the video above he is using a 48-quart cooler that has been adapted to also be a rod holder.

The video did not show the actual fishing pole holder, so being someone that would make something like this, I’m going to assume how it was made.

Mind you this is a rough quick draft. First, measure the height of the cooler. But only as far as the bottom lip of the cooler. If you measure all the way up the cooler may not open.

Then go to your local hardware store and buy a piece of 2″ PVC pipe.

They usually come in 10′ sections. Any extras from this project can be used in other projects.

pipe brackets

Anyways, cut 3 or 4 pieces, attach them to the cooler with some pipe brackets.

I would suggest at least 3 per rod holder to make sure they are secure.

I think I may make one for myself and record a video on how to do it. Should be an interesting project.

Anyways, to keep our theme as to make this as cheap as possible this type of cooler is the cheapest you can find for this project.

For some reason that I yet fail to understand the blue one is a whole lot cheaper than the red one.

If someone knows why, please let me know in the comments.

Jet Ski Safety Equipment

Jet Ski Safety Equipment

Basic safety gear is something that should be on any craft, it is not a bad idea to have one in a car too.

The video above mentions a whistle, a bucket, and a torch.

Depending on where you live and the local laws you may need more than these items or none at all.

Please make sure to check the local laws to make sure you do not get in trouble.

Anyways, buying all of these parts separately will cost you more than if you buy a kit.

So we have listed the Fox 40 Boat Essentials Kit it comes with the very bare essentials.

Everything comes inside of a waterproof screwtop bucket. The kit includes the very bare minimum for your watercraft.

Includes Waterproof Fox 40 Marine Incandescent Flashlight, Fox 40 Pealess Safety Whistle and 50 ft. woven polypropylene Fox 40 Marine Rope and Float

Now I know that we are trying to go in the cheap here, but I would advise getting a flare kit and a small fire extinguisher.

A First Aid Kit would not hurt to have handy as well.

Depth Fish Finder Combo

Depth Fish Finder Combo

What is a Depth Finder? A depth finder will let you know how deep the water is where you are at.

Here is a very simple to use, handheld, with very basic features that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

It is a Portable Fish Finder, Wired, Handheld, Sonar Fishfinder, LCD Display with Water Depth, Fish Location, Fish Size, Weeds and Rock for your jet ski.

For the price, and the basic features that it has, it really is not a bad deal. Seen some very nice reviews online for it. So that’s good.

There are lots more equipment that you can add to your jet ski.

Mostly it will depend on your location, where you will be using it, and on your needs.

Do some research before you add new equipment to see if it will benefit you or not.

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Review of The Best Fishing Jet Ski Ever Made

I wanted a video that described the features that you would find on a fishing jet ski. Here is a review of the Best Fishing Jet Ski ever. According to the video.

This is a jet ski that was designed especially for fishing. The features that this Jet Ski has are simply amazing.

I wanted something that was not a sales pitch, a first-hand experience of someone that has a fishing jet ski and this video fit the bill.

Some of the amazing features of this fishing jet ski are:

  • Provide a Lot of Storage
  • Lots of Rod Holders
  • Easy Access To All Parts of The Jet Ski
  • Extra Fuel Tanks
  • Plenty of Gadget Hookups
  • Beautiful Fishing Jet Ski Machine

Yamaha FX HO

01:02 – Well such a beautiful day. I’m fishing all day today and we didn’t do very well today.

There’s nothing happening, but, um, I thought I’d show you around my fishing ski.

Um, I’ve had this since February 2019, I’m now up to 240 hours or so.

So this is a FX HO to 2019. A Yamaha Wave Runner it’s fitted with shoreline tabbies, which is the pods on the left and right sides. – 01:29

Provide a Lot of Storage

Fishing Jet Ski Large Storage Bin Fishing Stone
Source: personalwatercraft.com

01:30 – And they give me a lot of storage area.

They give me stability when I’m out offshore and they also have a rescue bottle and the live bait tank, on the back of the lots of rod holders.

As you can see, I always carry about three rods.

Plus I have a, you probably see me in other videos. I have a Sabiki rod that I store internally and in the tepees and pull that out when I need it.

The other notable thing about the ski would be Garmin Echo Map Sounder. It’s not bad. I’d probably like to get something a little bit better. At some stage.

I have a Marine VHF radio. It’s a GME. It’s like we call it a black box radio where all the controls during the handpiece and the actual, um, spots of it is tucked in under there. And it’s a waterproof unit.

So I actually have it a little mount inside my glove box. I do actually have USB at a 12 volt in there as well. So it gives me a bit of, um, the ability to charge things on phones and batteries if I need to.

So just walking around, you can see on the tubbies here, they have a little work area with some glove box-type things where you can still tackle boxes.

And if you want, I normally just put things like line. Um, uh, what else? I dunno, my gloves sit in there on the way, and you can see i have been out. – 03:04

Lots of Rod Holders

Fishing Jet Ski Pole Holder Fishing Stone
Source: watercraftjournal.com

03:05 – So I’ve got jigs and all sorts of stuff that are just sitting there and they travel quite well.

Obviously the rod holders, their rail blazer. I really hadn’t used the rail blazers for carrying my rods troll much with them.

They’re not very strong. So what actually did is I had a couple of, uh, rod holders installed. This is from GC fishing from New Zealand.

They make excellent little easy-to-fit rod holders, beautifully crafted for these machines.

Got it on the back as well as you can see here, it’s got two trolling positions and a vertical one.

I don’t normally troll from behind, but what I do is when I’m, if I am a drifter fishing, I might have it rod up the front holders and rod out the back. So I could always have two running at any time.

So you can see just looking at the tubbies from the rear here the amount of space I still have my whole deck available.

I have my swim-up platform in case, I need to swim in and out. Um, there’s no need to take the tubbies is off.

It handles beautifully, still gets access to your rear boarding step. Of course, you can see from here to the live bait tank takes the telltale cable outlet, the pipe out, and we connect into that, uh, telltale scoop water, it scoops the water from the Jet. – 04:26

Easy Access To All Parts of The Jet Ski

04:27 – Comes up into the tank and there I can actually keep my live bait healthy all day.

Inside the tubbies there’s a lot of room as you can see, I normally keep on this side, I keep a fish bag where, you know, it’s about a 1.5-minute fish bag.

I stick frozen bottles or ice in there, depending on the day. And in this fiberglass enclosure, the tobbie in that bag, ice lasts just about all day.

And this has actually been out of the fish bag. You see, it’s still a solid chunk of ice with it and it hasn’t melted yet.

I took that out of the freezer at about three 3:30 this morning. It’s now about 10 hours later.

All right, so the other thing of note is you’ll notice that on my right-hand side I have a flush mount rod holder, and the left-hand side I’ve actually got one that’s exterior.

And the reason for that is that underneath here on top of the standard fuel tank is an auxiliary fuel tank. – 05:22

Extra Fuel Tanks

Sea-Doo New OEM 4 Gallon 15 Liter Fuel Caddy

05:23 – Auxiliary fuel tanks actually feed into the main tank and it gives me an extra 27 liters. Hey, a filling cap.

You have your sternal filling cap there, but internal for the other tank has been nicely mounted in here.

Yeah, obviously the front storage catch is huge on these machines

About the only thing I’ll keep in here is either a, a, an anchor and drags shoot and my lunch in my little esky.

So, um, the other thing that I really like about the tubbies is that it has another rod holder here, which is a vertical mounted one, which can be used when you’re rigging.

So it’s a beautiful position just to put your rod up. There’s one on either side. So it’s right in front of the eyes as well. So it makes it very easy.

The electronic side of it switches for the GPS and radio. I have the auxiliary, which is the 12 volt I mentioned, and the NAB lights (Amazon) actually have to have the lights on the front of them here.

And I use a railblazer for the, for the rear, um, a railblazer on a pole, which is just the white light. – 06:38

Plenty of Gadget Hookups

06:39 – I keep it stored internally. Sorry. I keep it stored at the top of the, uh, at all times. And I know it’s always there if I need it.

And it’s, it’s sort of out of the way that it has to be a meter above these front lights legally.

So having it up gets in the way when I’m fishing. So I can just take that railblazer out, turn the battery off. I put it in the tubbie and away we go.

My last, uh, jet ski was a VX. VX limited, and it came with full of plates. When I put in the tubbies, the rear plates have to come out and I kept them.

And I had put in the FX HO because the FX HO doesn’t come standard with pull up plates. So, It’s really great.

And that’s what I actually hang my drove shoot off when I’m on I’m drift fishing and I needed slow the drift down, of course, by jet Fisher, reel covers.

They do the job beautifully. Um, very wet on the way back here today. Uh, you can see that I took the water off. It’s just about dry already.

Your reel still get a lot of saltwater on them, uh, when you’re using them, you know, splashing and everything, but these protect the same, like the force of the water that’s going in when you’re traveling fast.

This, by the way, is for an anchor. The idea is that you can, um, you know, have an anchor dropping it down the side here, clip it on the, on the end. – 08:00

Beautiful Fishing Jet Ski Machine

08:01 – And then it’ll tell you from the front, you keep a trailing bit of anchor rope so that you can pull it back in, uh, in here.

But that actual bungee cord guy at the front too. Uh, maybe a loop on your anchor rope.

There she is The FX HO, a beautiful fishing machine. Does the job, you know? Awesome. Cause I stayed I’m up to about 240 hours on it. Hasn’t missed the trait and yeah, loving it.

Okay. I’ll think that’s about it. Um, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate. Put it in the comments and I feel like you see, please like, and subscribe to my channel. – END

Funny Jet Ski Fails

Video fails are always fun to watch.  Here is a video that brings you some Jet Ski Fails for you to enjoy.

Catching Kingfish 3 techniques Jetski Fishing

00:00 – The morning of Saturday, the 25th of November, launching the jet ski into the sunrise on the Waikato River.

The Waikato Kingfish was the target today, and I was with jigs, stick baits, and also live bait if I could catch them.

I wanted to catch legal Kingfish using each method, especially since I’ve yet to land legal Kingfish on a stick bait.

After crossing the bar, I stopped at the current line, where the dirty river water meets the plain saltwater.

I caught a small Sabiki and caught a few Caiwai for life bait.

Once I had a few fresh baits I was off to the fishing grounds.

I had company on the trip out in the form of a pot of dolphins. These truly are incredible creatures and it always amazes me how playful they are.

Right enough for the dolphins. Now time for some fishing, I found lots of sign on the sounder and deployed a live bait.

After a few drifts with no interest, I put the live bait rod holder and sent the jig down.

Using The Right Bait

I soon found out that my live bait was probably too big to be eaten by the fish that was below me.

I kept on digging and hope that all the commotion would bring a larger fish closer and in turn, eat the live bait.

I soon found out that life baiting and jigging at the same time has their flaws.

This fish resulted in a huge tangle in the braided lines, which took me a good 10 minutes to untangle.

And after all of that, I was finally able to land a legal-sized Kingfish to take home.

With jigging ticked off the list and still nothing caught on the live bait It was time to try to stick baiting.

You can see the splashes as the Kingfish takes the stick bait, unfortunately still no fish big enough to get hooked.

And after this, the Kingfish bite went dead. So I went off to find some snapper before heading home.

Another awesome day out in the water although the large Kingfish was not to be seen. – END

Video brought you by GC Jetski Fishing channel on Youtube. Check them out for more info.

5 Hacks for Jet Skiers

These are not necessarily fishing Jet Ski related.  But these jet ski hacks will make your life easier while out in the water fishing on your jet ski.

This video talks about 5 Hacks for Jet Skiers

  1. Keeping Your Jet Ski Storage Bin Dry
  2. Jet Ski Safety Equipment Hack
  3. Jet Ski Drain Plug Hack
  4. Keeping Hydrated on a Jet Ski Hack
  5. Hack to Flush Your Jet Ski

Read more about them below.

1. Keeping Your Jet Ski Storage Bin Dry

Fishing Jet Ski Large Storage Bin Fishing Stone
Source: personalwatercraft.com

00:00 – Hold on as here come five hacks for jet ski. When you’re punching through the swells, water can get under the front bonnet of your jet ski and into the storage bin wetting everything inside.

This is a common problem because many jet skis only have hatch seal tape on one side of the storage bin rim.

To fully waterproof your front storage bin simply add hatch seal tape to both sides of the storage bin room. Now everything stays dry.

If you’re struggling to find Marine hatch seal tape, you can always use weather seal tape from your home hardware store. – 00:40

2. Jet Ski Safety Equipment Hack

Jet Ski Safety Equipment Hack Fishing Stone00:41 – Many states require Jet ski is to carry specific safety equipment when venturing offshore.

This generally includes flares which are best kept in a dry container.

Unfortunately, there’s limited storage on jet ski and a typical flare container takes up way too much space.

Thankfully, the pasta container in your pantry is the perfect size for flares and will also fit the rest of your safety gear.

This saves an enormous amount of space in your front storage bin. Give it a try. – 01:14

3. Jet Ski Drain Plug Hack

Make Sure The Drain Plug is In Place

01:15 – A common mistake when launching a jet ski is forgetting to insert the drain plugs.

It’s an easy mistake to make, and one of the fastest ways to sink your jet ski.

But there’s a simple way to help you remember the plugs.

Hey, you wouldn’t have stickers as I could borrow. Hey, aren’t these your brothers?

Place a sticker with some electrical tape near the safety chain on your trailer.

That way every time you go to launch a jet ski, you’ll be reminded of the drain plugs. – 01:45

4. Keeping Hydrated on a Jet Ski Hack

Keeping Hydrated on a Jet Ski Hack

01:46 – Riding a jet ski can be thirsty work, and having a drink while on the move can be rather tricky.

First, you’ve got to sit down, and then you’ve got to open the storage hatch one-handed, and putting the water bottle back without stopping is even harder.

There is a really good alternative to water bottles. Mountain bikers have had been using hydration bladders for years.

Now, jet-skiers can too. You’ll need a life jacket with a hydration pocket.

These life jackets are becoming more and more popular. Most will fit a two to three-liter water bladder.

Feed the hydration tube through the webbing on the shoulder strap so it’s accessible while you’re riding.

Now you can easily take a sip without stopping, and it leaves more room in the glove box for other stuff.

After use, a little extra tip is to drain the bladder and then stored in your freezer. This keeps it clean by preventing the buildup of microbes. – 02:42

5. Hack to Flush Your Jet Ski

Hack to Flush Your Jet Ski Fishing Stone02:43 – While we’re in the kitchen. Have you ever considered whether you really need a dishwasher? I mean, seriously, there’s no better sod generator than a jet-ski.

Simply pour some dishwashing liquid into the garden hose before flushing your jet ski.

And wallah! Along with cleaning the dishes, the dishwashing liquid helps break down salt deposits while flushing your jet ski.

Just run the water until the bubbles stop.

Hey, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video, send it to some yeah. Hapless jet ski mates and click subscribe.

So you don’t miss any future videos. There are heaps coming up, including this disaster.

Well, they have five of the best hacks for jet skis. If you know of any other hacks, leave a comment below and I’ll feature them in a future video and don’t forget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching, hang in there and I’ll see you next time. – END

Jet Ski Hacks Video found on the Jet Ski Camping channel on Youtube.  Check them out for more cool videos.

Be Safe While Fishing On a Jet Ski

If you want to enjoy a pleasant ride on a jet ski, don’t forget to bring the safety equipment to navigate more comfortably and safely. Keep reading for more details.

Depending on where you leave there may be legislation that regulates everything related to driving and piloting jet skis.

In this post, we explain the fundamental safety elements that a jet ski rider needs.

Some are part of the mandatory equipment and others are not mandatory but are recommended. Always keeping safety in mind but without forgetting comfort.

Be safe out there in the water.  Catch some fish, have fun and make the best of the day.  Fish on!

Fishing Jet Ski Books

If you need some more information about riding a Jet-ski here are some helpful books.  I could not find one about fishing jet ski, so I may have to write it 🙂

The Jet Ski Manual

The Jet Ski Manual

Available on Amazon on Paperback

Personal Watercraft The Getting Started Guide

Personal Watercraft The Getting Started Guide

Find it on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback

Jet Ski Best Practices - A Guide for New riders

Jet Ski Best Practices – A Guide for New riders

Find it on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle

Fishing Jet Ski Guide

Fishing From a Jet Ski - Fishing Jet Ski - Fishing Stone

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