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Free Fishing Day California 2018


Free Fishing Day California 2018 – California has designated 2 days where you do not need to have a fishing license. In case you did not know this are the days where you do not need a fishing license in the state to go fishing.

Free Fishing Day California 2018

Free Fishing Day California 2018

Not everyone can or wants to get a fishing license every year.  For either monetary reasons or simply because they do not go fishing as much during the year.  Luckily California has 2 free days where you can fish without having a fishing license.

Please note that even though you can fish for this days without buying a fishing license you still need to follow ALL of the fishing regulations. Some of the things you need to know are the gear restrictions, fishing hours, bag and size limits,  report card requirements,  and stream closures.

The Free Fishing Day California 2018 Video

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FREE Fishing Day California 2018

FREE Fishing Day California 2018

A Free Fishing Day allows anyone to legally fish the waterways with NO FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED. These Free Days are a great way for families to catch the fun of fishing! Make sure to follow all other rules for the day.  We do not want you to get a ticket.

California free days for fishing 2018 are the First Saturday in July (July 7th) and September 1, 2018

The CDFW offers two Free Fishing Days each year where you can fish without having a fishing license. Free Days are a great, low-cost way to give fishing a try. The CDFW has a Fishing in the City that allows you to go fishing in the center of many metropolitan areas that may be just a few blocks from your house.

Most states have 1 to 4 free fishing days where you can enjoy your fishing.  Look at your states wildlife website for the days that will apply to you.

Little Boy Catches His First Fish

Little Boy Catches His First Fish Video – Cute and Funny Fishing Video to Watch

Dad takes this little boy fishing for the first time.  He has some very cute and funny reactions when he actually catches his first fish. His reactions are funny when he catches the fish. He catches a little perch while fishing at a dock.

He tried to touch it but was unable to do so.  So cute 🙂  I remember taking my daughter on her first fishing trip.  Good fun times and memories… Watch Video Here

Amazing Animals Catching Fish

Amazing Animals Catching Big Fish VideosAnimals seem to have a knack or a natural ability to catch fish. It seems natural to them to just go and take a bite or a paw swipe, perhaps a leap and catch a big fish.

It really does not seem fair, men need the fishing tackle, fishing poles, fishing lures, bait and 100’s of other things to a big fish catch or even a little one for that matter.  Don’t forget the boat if you are lucky enough to have oneWatch Video Here! 

Abandoned Kitten Found While Fishing

Abandoned Kitten Found While FishingThis man was out fishing by the lake when a when this little ball of fur surprised him.  The abandoned kitten hurried up to him,  and the fisherman fell in love.

The man was extremely astonished when the little cat jogged up to him yowling for help. The little lighten ball attempted to climb his sack, requesting consideration.

She just strolled up to him and his friend as they were fishing. They assume that the little furball was left behind by someone. They couldn’t leave the little cats there so scooped them up and headed home… read more

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