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Top 10 Best Saltwater Fishing Spots in the World

Top 10 Best Saltwater Fishing Spots Worldwide

Saltwater Fishing Spots are easy to find, but in order to catch World Record Saltwater Fish, you need to know the really good saltwater fishing spots.

Top 10 Best Saltwater Fishing Spots Worldwide

Saltwater Fishing Spots for You to Try

Some of the biggest saltwater fish in the world can be caught at this fishing spots that we bring for you today.  You may already know of some of them, and some may be new.  Which ones of this saltwater fishing spots did you not know?

Fishing is fishing but the destination we use to make it happen really puts a difference to its experience.  Thanks to mother nature we can find good saltwater fishing spots almost everywhere. But everyone agrees that fishing in the ocean is way different than anything else.

Saltwater fishing is truly one of the best challenges any fishermen can face since it requires its own set of unique skills and tactics when you are fishing in the surf or saltwater fishing. To top it off you get to spend the day out in the sun.  To enjoy the smell of the ocean and the awesome views that come with it.  Now catching a world record saltwater fish would definitely make your day.

There are good saltwater fishing spots and there are some that stand above the rest and we will be covering those in our list of the Top 10 Best Saltwater Fishing Spots in the World!

Langara Island Saltwater Fishing

We are starting our list of the Best Saltwater Fishing Spots in the World with the Langara Islands.  Langara Island saltwater fishing area is located in the northern part of the Haida Gwaii Island in British Columbia, Canada and about 28 miles from Alaska.

Langara Islands Saltwater Fishing Spots Video
The Langara Island is in a perfect location for saltwater fishing. It’s a great place to nail a trophy fifty-plus-pound chinook as well as very large Pacific halibut and coho fish.

If you in search of one of the best locations, for more then just for a fishing trip, this island offers an amazing opportunity to try this saltwater fishing spots in a unique corner of the world.

Fishing in the Bahamas Saltwaters

The Bahamas are a chain of islands (about 700) in the North Atlantic Ocean that is only 45 miles from Florida.  Because of its location and its many islands fishing in the Bahamas offers many saltwater fishing spots for you to try.

Alternately you can also try spearfishing in the Bahamas and fly fishing in the Bahamas if you would like to try something different.

The Bahamas Saltwater Fishing Spots Video 
Every person who is a fan of fishing knows that The Bahamas is a well-preserved place for the fish and is famous all around the world for the variety of fishing it allows. There are many types of fish in the Bahamas like Blue MarlinRed SnapperBlackfin TunaBluefin TunaSailfish, or Wahoo.

No country that is closer to the United States is going to give you this much flexibility for saltwater fishing. The cost to get there isn’t that much either and you can enjoy the most from March to June.

Montauk Saltwater Fishing Spots

Montauk Fishing spot is an oceanfront fishing destination located 110 miles from the City of New York.  This area offers 5000+ acres of public beaches and pristine parks with something for everyone.  Swimming, boating, surfing, camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding and so much more.

Montauk NY Saltwater Fishing Spots Video
People of New York know this, but rest of the world can now get to know this awesome saltwater fishing spots. From September to December everyone moves their boats to this place and to get a huge advantage as well.

There are many types of fish in Montauk like false albacore (little tunny), big bluefish, fluke, weakfish, flounder, bass are easily found here. The same place also attracts multiple other tourists and people who simply want to have fun in the waters and this is a perfect place to be if you want to have more than just fishing.

Fishing in Bermuda

Bermuda is “a British Overseas Territory in North Atlantic Ocean. It is approximately 1,070 km east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; 1,236 km south of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia; and 1,576 km north of Puerto Rico. ” – Source: wikipedia.org

It’s not just today but Bermuda has been enjoying a serious recognition as one of the worlds best saltwater fishing spots for the quality, size, and quantity of fish available. Fishing in Bermuda has many options like Reef Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Surf Fishing, Spear Fishing, Fly Fishing. Almost any type of fishing is available here.

Fishing in Bermuda Saltwater Fishing Spots Video
Bermuda is shaped like a fishhook and I think that this is a good sign of the quality of fishing you will find here.  Bermuda has earned the title as the best saltwater fishing spots in the Atlantic.  You can find the 3 biggest fish in terms of size, power, and excitement: The Tuna Fish, The Wahoo and The Marlin.  Getting a hook into any of this Bermuda fish will be an experience that you will never forget.  Landing them, well that’s another story.

If you are a beginner or a pro in saltwater fishing, Bermuda will deliver a unique experience.  It is also a very good place to spend quality time with your friends and family because of the beaches and fabulous diving and of course the restaurants. Seafood is yet another specialty of this place. Side note, even if you are not saltwater fishing, you should still check it out one day.

Mississippi Marshes

Next in line in our list of the Best Saltwater Fishing Spots is this beauty from Louisiana. One of many reasons that make this place a very good choice for saltwater fishing in the world is the option of the fish you’re going to get.

Mississippi Marshes Saltwater Fishing Spots 
The place is literally laced with sea trout and black drum and the fish tend to be large in size. Another one of the finest things is that fishing here is available all year. The weather can be very unpredictable from April through December.

Panama Saltwater Fishing Spots

Who doesn’t know about Panama really? And all of the special species that you can fish for here? Here is another location where saltwater fishing is active all year round. The kind of fishes you can find in Panama are Amberjack, Marlin, Large Pacific Sailfish and Roosterfish. Plus a large variety of other types of fishes.

Panama Saltwater Fishing Spots 
Panama located in Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia. Having the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean on the other side makes this a unique saltwater fishing spots in the world.

I’m a tad partial to this location since its where I’m from, read about FishingStone on our about page.  I remember many a fishing day in many parts of the country.  Everything is here and you just need to go. Another thing that will make your day is the scenery that is involved and also the surroundings that are breathtaking. A definite memorable place to be in.

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Papua New Guinea

You are going to find one of the best saltwater fishing spots experience here than any other place really. Since the area is not very well known and doesn’t have a big population you can also get the solitude the way you always wanted to.

Papua New Guinea Saltwater Fishing Spots 
The diversity of fish here is also very good and you can come across the Dogtooth Tuna that is very special! Yes! Barramundi and Black Bass of big sizes are also available here. But the list goes on and on and it all depends on how much skill you have as an angler. A perfect exam of your skill and patience.

San Diego Fishing Spots

Yellowfin, Halibut, Rockfish, and Mahi Mahi can be caught in San Diego Fishing Spots. And once again these are only the fish that we have mentioned that are in a huge amount you can get lucky with multiple other as well.

San Diego Saltwater Fishing Spots Video
San Diego is going to give you the fishing experience in the bountiful waters of the Pacific and that is priceless in its own. Also fishing here isn’t as expensive as it is in other places so you can always give a go.

Belize Saltwater Fishing Spots

One of those places in the world where you don’t really have to wait for too much to get a fish in your hook is Belize. The fish here are so plentiful that they even are jumping on your hooks only to be caught.

Belize Saltwater Fishing Spots 
This doesn’t involve just normal sized fish but the ones that are of the prize-winning size. Tarpon and Permit are those that will really be prominent on the list.

Saltwater Fishing in Ocean City

And at the end of this list of the Top Saltwater Fishing Spots in The World, we’re going to list the place almost every professional fisherman has praised for its White Marlin and Bluefish.

Ocean City Saltwater Fishing Spots 
This place is known for the best fishing experience on the entire east coast, the place is Ocean City, Maryland. This should be on your list if you are an enthusiast and want to enjoy some amazing saltwater fishing spots.

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