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Guy Land a BIG Fish Surf Fishing


Guy Land a BIG Fish Surf Fishing.  These guys were funny when they decided to go surf fishing. BIG Fish Landed When Surf Fishing.

Guy Land a BIG Fish Surf Fishing

One of them got a hold of a nice fish and watching these 4 guys trying to land was very funny.  They did land it.  And it was a BIG fish.  So I guess it was a good fishing day in the surf.   They got some good laughs and a nice fish to boot.  All and all, not a bad day.

Surf Fishing Videos

I like watching funny surf fishing videos and really any kind of fishing videos. If I can’t be out there fishing I might as well enjoy watching some people having fun fishing.  I used to be an avid fisherman.  Close to being a fanatic.  A few years ago I had a few bad experiences and have been away from it for a bit.  Trying to get back to that fishing drive again.

BIG Fish Surf Fishing is not an easy task when the waves are crazy like in this video. Watching those 4 guys trying to land the fish while NOT being sucked in by the waves and you can see why.

That was a BIG fish they landed.  And they were smart enough to take it farther into the shore.  Did you think they were going to land it or be swallowed up by the waves?  I was debating on that one.

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