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Top 4 Austin Bass Fishing Spots Guide

Austin Bass Fishing - Austin Texas Bass Fishing

Austin Bass Fishing has been called by many a true fisherman’s, or woman’s paradise.  There is an abundance of great pools, lakes, and rivers in which to fish for many species of bass, and this is all they are seems to be focused on!  The area seems to be dedicated to the comfort of the bass fisherman.

Austin Texas Bass Fishing Video


Guide to the Best Austin Bass Fishing Spots

Austin is the capital of Texas, and it lies in the Hill Country region of Texas.  When you consider that Austin bass fishing, as well as Texas fishing in general, can be phenomenal due to the long, warm season and local dams that create quality water resources.

You can stay in Austin Texas for a period of time if you are a local or are new to the area, or just be visiting. If you need a reason to go fishing today check out our Top 10 Reasons to Go Fishing Here.

There are great facilities and friendly people, so you could ask for nothing more! It is perfect for a relaxing fishing vacation seemingly at any time of the year.  The only difficulty you will have is choosing where you want to fish!

Austin Bass Fishing Spots

There are many Austin bass fishing spots for you to choose from.  The are many rivers, lakes, dams, and ponds for you to choose from.  Below is a list of the more popular Austin bass fishing spots that you should try when you are in the area.

Lake Austin Bass Fishing

Lake Austin is perhaps the most famous fishing for bass spot in Austin. The bass is reportedly bigger than their peers elsewhere in the State of Texas. The lake is very popular for a whole variety of other reasons besides that.

The first reason is that is extremely peaceful there and provides a great haven for fishing enthusiasts. The second is that is an area of great beauty, which is actually conducive to a relaxing few hours of fishing. The beauty of the area comes from the fact that there is natural vegetation that is native to the area. This enhances your experience as well as looking pretty.

There are many nooks and crannies in which the bass can hide. This makes for a really good challenge if you a competent fishing angler. If you are a newcomer to Lake Austin then it can provide a good experience and enhance your fishing skills.


Lake Austin Bass Fishing Video

There are boat docks present at Lake Austin so it is quite easy to set up on the lake for some bass fishing all day. You can fish all year round, but the seasons of Fall and Spring are the best in terms of the bass population and the number of people in the lake


Too many boats will send the fish into hiding in the vegetation, and not all of the boats will actually be there fishing.

The area is popular for days out and picnicking. However, regardless of what time of the year you go, be sure to be there early in the morning. Mornings are usually the best time to catch the fish. Check out our article on Bass Fish Facts that You Did Not Know.

LBJ Lake Austin Bass Fishing

LBJ Lake is another of the better lakes for Austin bass fishing. Name after President Lyndon B Johnson, this lake is enclosed so that it is less vulnerable to the elements.

The shores of the lake feature a community of boathouses. But unless you own one, the bass fishing is better conducted from the shore.


LBJ Lake Austin Bass Fishing Video

The lake has a lot of vegetation and this includes the brush that has actually sunk below the water. This brush has been known to damage boats and leaves them stranded! Unless you are an experienced sailor that is familiar with this lake and have faced such things before it might be best to keep your feet firmly on solid ground.

LBJ Lake Austin bass fishing is best done in the fall. And then again in the spring when the population of bass is the strongest.

Colorado River Austin Bass Fishing

The Colorado River is another great Austin Bass Fishing Spot. It lies within the City of Austin, forming the slow river-like Lake Austin and Lady Bird Lake. The shoreline is mostly privately owned, leaving little shoreline access besides a few public parks where one can find a couple of boat ramps maintained by the Parks and Rec Department of Austin.

Recreational boating can be heavy during the day, especially during the summer. For this reason, non-peak usage times such as evenings and cooler months may be the best time to try your luck. Fishing also can be influenced by water release from the Colorado River and the very vast Lake Travis.

Walter E. Long Lake Austin Bass Fishing

Walter E. Long Lake Austin bass fishing area is much smaller and located just east of Austin. It is noted for great bass fishing too. The water here is used to cool a power plant so it will remain warm in winter if the plant is running.

The hybrid striped bass here and in Lake Travis is a bonus for fishing in Austin with anglers having success with jigging spoons or topwater lures. Other Austin bass fishing lakes that you might be able to enjoy include Lake Georgetown, Granger Lake, and Lake Kyle. Did you Know that OLD Fishing Lures could be worth $1000’s of Dollars?

Austin Bass Fishing Gear

In order to enjoy Austin Bass Fishing to the fullest, you should bring the standard bass fishing tackle. Just so you know that medium action rod and reel combo with 8-10 pound line just may get put to the test. The chance of a true lunker is so high that the state has a Share Lunker program where the genetics of these giants are passed along to new generations at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center near Athens, Texas.

Austin Bass Fishing

Soft-plastics worm rigs аrе tough to beat throughout the summer. With cooler temperatures, spinnerbaits оr ѕwimbаitѕ and liрlеѕѕ сrаnkbаitѕ mау get thаt rеасtiоn bite. Whеn you are bass fishing in Austin, you should go smaller and think more finesse presentations for smaller rivers and streams such as the MсKinnеу Fаllѕ Stаtе Park.

Auѕtin Bass Fiѕhing Techniques

Although Austin bass fishing usually еmрlоуѕ nоrmаl bass tесhniԛuеѕ, you may wаnt to kеер an ореn mind аѕ fаr аѕ what Bass Fiѕhing gear you will use. Auѕtin аlѕо is knоwn fоr a bridge that ѕраnѕ Lаdу Bird Lake thаt hарреnѕ tо hоuѕе оvеr a milliоn bаtѕ.

Bаѕѕ are орроrtuniѕtiс and will eat juѕt about аnуthing thаt will fit in that оvеrѕizеd mouth. In fасt, a bat lurе wаѕ introduced this year at ICAST. Perhaps, оn my nеxt triр I’ll make it back to Texas, аftеr I gеt mу fiѕhing liсеnѕе, I mау just hаvе to try one of these topwater lures below that bridge.

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Austin Bass Fishing - Austin Texas Bass Fishing

When I was younger I lived in Fort Hood and Killeen Texas.  Back then I did not fish or had any idea about fishing.  Now as an adult, many years later, and only a few states away (California) I may go back and try my luck bass fishing in Austin Texas.  Check out our article about Texas Saltwater Fishing.  I think you will enjoy it!

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