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Top 10 Must Have Amazing Fishing Gadgets


Fishing Gadgets is our list of Top 10 Gadgets for Fishing that any fisherman should own.

These Cool Fishing gadgets will make your day by the water much more fun.

Our Top 10 Fishing Gadgets List is…

  1. Rechargeable USB Fishing Lures
  2. Fishing Rod Holder With Auto Hook Setter
  3. Portable Bluetooth Wireless Fish Finder
  4. Submersible Fishing LED Light
  5. The Coolest Night Fishing Gloves Ever
  6. Floating Waterproof Cellular Phone Case
  7. Long Sleeve Fishing T-Shirts
  8. Shoulder Crossbody Fishing Tackle Bag
  9. USB Rechargeable Fishing Headlamp
  10. Waterproof Dual Port Solar Charger by USB

We will discuss this amazing fishing gadgets in more detail below.

Cool Amazing Fishing Gadgets

Cool Amazing Fishing Gadgets New Fishing Stone Pinterest pIN

Every human might learn any kind of skill and that skill is always going to give him all of the benefits and positivity at the same time.

That person is always going to need some kind of fishing gadgets to make sure that his working capability within that skill increases with every passing moment.

Fishing Gadgets do nothing other than double your gains and reduce your efforts.

Making sure you’re equipped for any scenario is very important when it comes to fishing.

There are many more fishing gadgets to choose from, the ones above are the ones that were cool to me.

Do you know of other cool fishing gadgets? Please let us know in the comments.

Rechargeable USB Fishing Lures

Rechargeable USB Fishing Lures

We will start our list of the Top 10 Amazing Fishing Gadgets with these Awesome Rechargeable Fishing Lures.

These amazing rechargeable fishing lures will twitch, flash and buzz in the water.

They mimic a wounded fish, which is something other fish love to go after.

You can find several models of rechargeable fishing lures to choose from.

They will work for either day fishing or night fishing.

In the lake, the river, the stream, or the surf.

Wherever there is water you can use one of these lures to catch fish.

Now, I was surprised the first time that I found these cool fishing gadgets!

A rechargeable fishing lure, that I can recharge from any USB port.

There are different varieties and sizes.  Some are for bass fishing, or trout fishing as well as other types of fish.

Some come with LED lights,  others will buzz or and others will wiggle.

But they all do something very well, they attract fish to them.

Throw one of these bad boys in the water and catch a fish.

They will make a nice addition to your tackle box. Simple right?

Fishing Rod Holder With Auto Hook Setter

Fishing Rod Holder With Auto Hook Setter

These Automatic Fishing Rod holders will spring into action the second you get a bite.

The fishing pole will spring up and set the hook.  No more missed bites! You set it, and sit back and wait for it to spring into action.

If that is all it did, it would still be one of the coolest fishing gadgets ever.

It frees your hands and makes it easier to fish.

You can find different sizes and models of automatic fishing post holders.

But these fishing gadgets come with a bonus feature… It will automatically set the hook when you get a bite.

If you are fishing from the bank this makes it one of the useful fishing gadgets in your fishing arsenal.

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Fish Finder

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Fish Finder

Our third item on our list of cool fishing gadgets is the Wireless Portable Bluetooth Fish Finder.

These cool fishing gadgets will work perfectly with either your iOS or Android phone.  You can use it on the ocean, river or lake.

Whether you are fishing from the boat or from the shore.

These cool fishing gadgets will detect fish in the water and let you know the general size of the fish.

There are several models of wireless fish finders that you can find.

Plus it will also provide other information like water depth, the contour of the bottom, water temperature, and the location of the fish.

Powered by a lithium rechargeable battery that will last about 10 hours.

The 90-degree angle of detention will find fish up to 50ft.

With these fishing gadgets, you can accurately detect and display small and big fish as well as schools of fish nearby.

Designed for any level of experience angler.  If you can play games on your phone, you can use very handy fishing gadgets.

Submersible Fishing LED Light

Submersible Fishing LED Light

The LED Underwater Fish Light will help you find the fish, give you a working light that you can work with, and it looks cool too.

These cool fishing gadgets are mostly for boating, but they can also be used if you are fishing from the shore.

Attract fish to your favorite fishing spot with these very bright LED lights.

You can also get them in white and blue colors.

There are other LED color variations and sizes to choose from.

The light itself has a 5 sided – 360-degree exposure.

900 lumens of brightness, with ultra-low and efficient battery use.

It will run 8x longer than traditional halogen light.  It will last up to 50,000 hours… that’s a very long time!

The Coolest Fishing Gloves Ever

The Coolest Fishing Gloves Ever

This is by far one of the best fishing night gloves ever!

You can see why we have added it to our list of Top 10 Coolest Fishing Gadgets.

There have been many times over the years where I could have loved to have a pair of gloves like this.

They obviously keep your hands free to hold your fishing pole with one hand and the net with the other.

At the same time, you will get plenty of light to see what you are doing.

I love these ones so much I went and bought myself 3 pairs.

1 set of fishing gloves for me, 1 for my brother, and 1 for as a spare from Amazon here .

They are very handy to give you plenty of light in the darkness.  Very comfortable and lightweight material.

The material easily stretches to fit your hand without a problem.

You can easily operate these fishing light gloves.

They are great for fishing, but you can also use them for camping, hunting, car repairs, or other outdoor activities.

Floating Waterproof Cellular Phone Case

Floating Waterproof Cellular Phone Case

When you are out fishing you still need to use your phone.

If you are fishing by the bank or in a boat you are risking dropping your phone in the water.

With this floating waterproof phone case, you do not have to worry about that anymore.

This particular phone case has 2 layers of very good quality PVD plastic.

They are available in a wide array of colors and can fit most phones at Amazon here .

There are even some that will fit a tablet.

It gives you the best waterproof protection for your phone.

In the event that it falls in the water, it will float to the surface and not sink to the bottom and never be found.

Being a universal phone case it will fit most phones, even the popular: Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus / HTC/Galaxy S8, S9 /LG  /  LG V30 / Note 8 / Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL / OnePlus5T / and many more.

You can even take photos and videos underwater with it.

Long Sleeve Fisherman Shirt With Ruler on Forearm

Long Sleeve Fishing Ruler Shirt

Long Sleeve Fishing T-Shirts With Rulers on Arm will protect you from the elements.

This fishing shirt lets you know the size of the fish you caught and looks goods as well when you are out fishing.

Some of the cool features of these fishing t-shirts are Made in the USA, the design was drawn and then screen printed by skilled illustrators and printers.

Unisex sizes so they will work for either man or woman.

The unique 16″ Ruler on the forearm is printed to scale so you will always know the size of the fish you have caught.

I like this feature the most since fishing tickets can be very expensive.

100% Polyester with QCM screen printing inks, manufactured in Pineville, North Carolina.

16″ RULER ON FOREARM is made to scale. Fabric is very lightweight.

This fishing shirt comes in 5 sizes:

  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large
  • 2X Large
  • 3x Large.

This could be your new favorite fishing t-shirt.

Shoulder Crossbody Fishing Tackle Bag

Shoulder Crossbody Fishing Tackle Bag

Now, this is the fishing tackle bag that I own, it sits perfectly across my chest.

I like it because it gives me easy access to all of the fishing gadgets that I have within easy reach.

I never look around for what I need.

This bag carries all my lures, fish finders, spare line, pliers, and all kinds of other fishing gear.

There are a whole lot of pockets on this shoulder bag for you to use.

I use 2 of them exclusively for my phone and my keys.  I always know where they are.

It attaches to a securing locking strap that makes wearing it very easy.

This tackle bag can protect and store all your fishing gear, regardless of where you are fishing.

I have been able to travel with it to many places without too much strain.

Easy to use, easy to carry, and very convenient bag to have.

USB Rechargeable Fishing Headlamp

USB Rechargeable Fishing Headlamp

These headlamps are amazing to have if you fish at night.

There is nothing worse than trying to fish in the dark.

These headlamps can be found either as a clip-on or as headwear.

They will free up your hands to get things done.

I used to dislike them because I always forgot to buy new batteries for them.

So the next time I was out fishing, you guess it… I had no light.

Now that you can recharge them with any USB port, they are very convenient.

And if I happen to forget to charge them, it is not a problem anymore, since I can now charge them really quickly.

USB Waterproof Dual Port Solar Charger

USB Waterproof Dual Port Solar Charger

The last item on our list of Top 10 Amazing Fishing Gadgets is this Dual Port Waterproof Solar USB Charger.

This is definitely something that has to be in your tackle box to keep all our gadgets charged while on the go.

We are on the go all the time and being out by the water or in the middle of the lake without having a place to recharge could be bad.

With this gadget, you can recharge your phone, your fishing lures, your flashlight, or any other USB fishing gadgets that you have.

It comes with a solar panel so it will continually charge all day, so you will never run out of juice.

Solar panel with 300000mAh Power Bank. 2 USB ports to easily give charge to 2 fishing gadgets at the same time.

It comes with a very bright LED light.

It has a security CPU system to protect your devices from overcharging, overheating, or overloading.

If you are going to be far from a place to get a charge, this is the nicest fishing gadgets to have.

I bought myself 2, there is always one charging while I use the other one.

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Top 10 Must Have Fishing Gadgets 2019
Top 10 Must Have Fishing Gadgets

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